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Products We Carry

Dog Food


Kibble is an easy to feed option for many owners, ranging in sizes from 4lbs to 44lbs bags. Kibble is dog food containing meats, veggies and come in "grain or grain free" depending on your dog's nutritional needs.

Brands we carry include:

Earthborn Holistic, Zignature, Acana, Orijen, Fromm, Canidae, Instinct, Nature's Logic and more!

Closeup of Dog Treats

Freeze Dried & Dehydrated

Freeze dried dog food is a high quality diet which is made of raw nutritional ingredients, fruits, veggies and proper vitamins and minerals. These ingredients are frozen and moisture is removed, protecting the nutritional value of the food. We recommend "rehydrating" the food before feeding to your furry friend. 

Brands we carry include:

Honest Kitchen, Stella & Chewy's, Bravo, Primal, Sojo's and more!

Dog Eating Dog Food
Dog Eating Dog Food

Frozen/Raw Food

Raw or frozen dog food generally contains organ and muscle meat, fruits, and veggies. Raw food is a high quality diet for your dog, and you may notice a shinier coat, increased energy levels, and mimics the natural diet of wild canines. 

Brands we carry include:

Stella & Chewy's, Anderson's Natural Pet Food, Raw Bistro, Primal, Answers, and more!

Closeup of Dog Treats

Toys and Accessories

Our wide selection of pet toys will keep your furry friend entertained for hours. From squeaky plushies to interactive puzzles, we have something for every play style. The fun doesn't stop there we have many accessories to enhance your pets comfort and style. 

Image by Jonathan Göhner

Treats & Chews

 From crunchy biscuits to chewy jerky, our wide variety of dog treats are guaranteed to make your pup's tail wag with delight. 

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